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Become an Early Adopter of an EU Digital Cryptocurrency Today. Get In On the Investment Action Now. This is an excellent opportunity to invest early in a digital currency that is the first government-approved crypto.

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The Future of Cryptocurrencies is Here – Presenting eKrona

After years of development, design, and implementation, we are very proud to announce that you can now swap, sell and buy eKrona – the official currency.

eKrona is planned to be adopted by the EU (European Union) before the end of 2021 and the exciting part is that it is now available to be purchased and sold on our fully regulated cryptocurrency exchange. You can also use the eKrona for in-store purchases worldwide.
Please note - eKrona is the only legal and approved distributor of eKrona.

New Global Leader in Blockchain Finance

To fulfill the vision as set out by the eu parliament, we at eKrona aim to lead the way by adopting the first government-backed cryptocurrency.

As an EU Resident, Here is Why eKrona is the Right Investment Choice


Cryptos Are the Future of Money

Since cryptocurrencies were introduced into the markets, it is evident that these digital currencies are going to play a major role in the future of our financial and digital worlds. Within one year, we aim to switch 65% of transactions to eKrona.


First Official Government-approved Crypto

While Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to be introduced into the market, its price is highly volatile and is not accepted in many countries around the world. eKrona represents the first cryptocurrency that has been fully regulated.


Positive Market Sentiment

A core benefit of belonging to the EU is the sharing of the same currency, such as the euro and as such, many Europeans have been waiting for a national, regulated cryptocurrency which they can use to buy, sell and swap. The eKrona meets these needs.


The eKrona Price is Still Very Low

Since the eKrona is new to the crypto world, its price has not yet reached the same success as other cryptos including Bitcoin. This means it is still affordable for most individuals. Also, the eKrona price is quickly gaining traction so it is definitely a crypto to watch.

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